Discover the Best Muay Thai Shin Guards for Training


Shin Guards are a basic complement during Muay Thai, Kickboxing or MMA training. In this complete guide, we will give you useful insights, tips and recommendations to help you choose the best Muay Thai shin guards.

Best Muay Thai Shin Guards for Training

Introduction to Muay Thai Shin Guards

If you have ever trained combat sports where kicks are allowed, then you should know how painful is to crush your shin against your training partner’s knee/shin/elbow. Is not fun at all.

The best way to protect yourself from injuries is to use the proper fighting gear during training and sparring. That’s why the Muay Thai shin guards are obliged in any decent gym. Not just to protect yourself, but to protect your training partners from your kicks.

Adequate shin guards will avoid swollen ankles and most of the shin bruises. Here is important to say that kicking with the proper technique is as important as having the best Muay Thai shin guards in the market. If you are a beginner, listen to your coaches carefully, get familiar with kicking techniques and learn how to measure the distance before considering to throw power kicks.

How to Choose the Best Muay Thai Shin Guards

We highly recommend you to spending a couple of minute to choose the best Muay Thai shin guards within your possibilities. Having the right ones will improve your training experience and protect you against injuries.

The main details that you should consider before purchasing a new pair of shin guards are the following:

  • Size: They should cover completely your shin without blocking the knee cap to not alter your mobility.
  • Protection: The padding must have good quality foam and give enough protection to the shin and instep.
  • Comfort & Mobility: Choose comfort over design: if they have a fancy design but don’t fit properly to your legs, then they are not worthy.
  • Support: The shin guards have to fit and adjust properly. If they are too loose they probably will move around every time you throw or block a kick. The most common support (and recommended for Muay Thai) is the strap support but now shin guards with sleeve support are becoming more popular for MMA training.
  • Weight: Wearing heavy shin guards will impact directly your kicking speed and endurance.
  • Safety: They shouldn’t have sharp edges and the straps must be on the back side.
  • Care: Check that the materials are easy to clean and they won’t absorb too much sweat. Some are also treated with an antimicrobial agent to reduce odor. Check our guide about how to clean fighting gear to keep your shin guards with fresh smell.

Best Muay Thai Shin Guards

Now that you know the basics of the shin guards, let’s take a look into the best Muay Thai shin guards that are in the market, according to our experience and opinion. We will divide them in 3 categories: Recommended, Sleeve Support and Low-budget.

Recommended Muay Thai Shin Guards:

Here you can find our TOP 5 recommendations for the best Muay Thai shin guards.

Hayabusa T3 Shin Guards

Hayabusa Muay Thai Shin GuardsThe Hayabusa T3 are one of the best Muay Thai shin guards of the market. They are light, comfortable and the dual straps adjust properly to the legs avoiding shifts while kicking or blocking. These shin pads protect the shin, instep and the outside of the knee. Moreover they count with antimicrobial technology that inhibits bacteria growth to minimize odor.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Shin Guards

Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards

These Fairtex Muay Thai shin guards have a great design and provide full protection to the shin and instep. They are handmade in Thailand with synthetic leather and high-density foam that absorbs properly the impacts. The Hook and loop straps provide a perfect adjustment and prevent them to move around.

TOP King Shin Guards

Top King Muay Thai Shin Guards

TOP King is one of the best brands in Thailand and their products show why. These shin pads offer an extra protection around the lower leg muscles and under the knee caps. The straps can be adjusted easily and firmly.

Twins Shin Guards

Twins Muay Thai Shin Guards

Twins shin guards are made with leather and come with a double velcro closure that will keep them tight and firm. The padding is well-distributed and pays extra attention into the shin and instep.
Twins also provides fancy designs with many different colors available.

Venum Elite Shin Guards

Venum Muay Thai Shin Guards

These Venum shin guards are handmade in Thailand with premium Skintex leather. The design offers good mobility and a tight fit while covering completely the shin and instep. The padding is made with high density foam which enhances shock absorption.
Venum shin guards are not just top quality, they also come with great designs.

Best Muay Thai Shin Pads with Sleeve Support

The sleeve support offers tighter adjustment and is very useful in MMA sessions where the fight can go to the ground. Usually, these kind of Muay Thai/MMA shin guards have less padding, specially on the instep area.
One of the inconveniences of Muay Thai shin guards with sleeve support is that they need some extra time to put on and take off.

Venum Sleeve Shin Pads

Venum MMA Shin Guards

As we mentioned in the post about the Best MMA Gloves, Venum is one of the top brands in MMA gear so they know how to do these kind of shin pads. These sleeve shin guards are made with premium synthetic Leather & Buffalo leather that enhances the durability. The sleeve, combined with a small strap at the top, fits perfectly the legs avoiding them to slip away. They are lightweight and the high density foam absorbs impacts properly.

Hayabusa Sleeve Shin Pads

Hayabusa MMA Shin GuardsThe Hayabusa Tokushu are also a great choice to be used as MMA / grappling shin guards. They come with a breathable sleeve with a patented closure strap placed on the back side. The Hayabusa Tokushu shin guards have a great design that offers superior mobility and comfort.

Best Low Budget/Cheap Muay Thai Shin Pads

If you are considering to purchase something more economic, then the RDX Muay Thai shin guards are a great choice for you.

Best Cheap Muay Thai Shin Guards

Best Cheap Muay Thai Shin Guards

For less than $45 you can have these cheap Muay Thai shin guards. The quality is pretty decent and they stay on place when kicking or blocking. The padding is well done and made with what they call “Shell-Shock gel and Supremo-Shock Foam”.

They are not as good as the ones mentioned before but they do a great job, are comfortable and the protection is good enough.

Which ones are the best Muay Thai shin guards for you? Do you prefer strap or sleeve support? Do you have any other recommendations? Leave us your comments!

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