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Finding the Best Boxing Gloves that fit your needs is challenging, we will give you a hand to get the best ones. There are many brands and boxing gloves types so choosing the right ones is critical. The correct gloves will avoid injuries and will maximize your training experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy your first pair of boxing gloves or if you just want to replace you broken and stinky ones. Here we will help you to decide which ones are the best boxing gloves for you, according to your needs.

Best Boxing Gloves

Find the Best Boxing Gloves for You!

Making the right choice is essential, boxing gloves can last years if we pay attention to our needs. The first step to find the best boxing gloves is to know what type of training you are planning to do. For example, is not the same if we want to join a martial arts gym and do full training or if we just want to punch the heavy bag.

Boxing gloves are divided in three main categories: Heavy Bag Gloves, Training / Sparring Gloves and Competition Gloves. Let’s take a closer look into them:

Heavy bag gloves

Heavy Bag Gloves

Heavy bag gloves are a good choice if we have a heavy bag in our house/gym. They are more compact, lighter and offer enough protection. They provide a more powerful feeling in our hands when hitting the punching bag. Heavy bag gloves are not meant to be used for sparring because they are more solid and they can hurt our training partner easier. So, if you are looking to have only one pair of gloves and you have the idea to join a martial arts gym, then we recommend to go for the training / sparring gloves.
* WISE TIP: It is very important to use hand wraps to give an extra protection to your hands. Specially if you are using heavy bag gloves and throwing bombs to the punching bag.

Training / Sparring Gloves

Training / Sparring Gloves

Training / Sparring gloves are the most common gloves and the recommended ones. With this kind of boxing gloves you will be able to be part of any training session, they can be used as heavy bag gloves too. They are bigger, heavier and have better padding which is more friendly with our training partners while sparring.
* WISE TIPChoosing heavy gloves will make your shoulders to get tired faster at the beginning, but once the shoulders become stronger and get used to them your hand speed will increase considerably.

Competition gloves

Competition Gloves

Competition Gloves usually have less padding than the sparring boxing gloves and they are used for professional or amateur fighting. Both fighter should wear gloves with the same ounces but in some cases the brand and materials can be different. They have to be regulated according to the rules of the athletic commission and the event organizer. The weight of competition gloves in boxing normally is between 8 and 12 ounces.
* WISE TIP: If you have one fight ahead, check what kind of gloves you will be using. Then try to get the same gloves or similar ones for your training. This way you will know how they feel before the fight and you won’t get caught off-guard.

Boxing Gloves Types Comparison

Heavy Bag Gloves
Sparring Gloves
Competition gloves
Heavy Bag Use
Full Training Use
Available weight
4 - 10 oz
8 - 20 oz
8 - 12 oz
Price Range
$20 - $50
$50 - $150
$60 - $200

In this table you can find the main differences between the boxing gloves types. If you have doubts about which ones are the best boxing gloves for you, we strongly recommend to go for the Training / Sparring gloves. They can be used in most of the cases.
Remember to keep clean your gloves or they will become stinky. In our how to clean boxing gloves guide we explain you the best tricks.

Best Boxing Gloves: Weight & Size

Now that you have a better understanding about the different gloves, is time take a closer look into the weight. The weight (ounces) is a key factor to choose the best boxing gloves for you. The weight of the boxing gloves is normally between 8 oz and 20 oz, but for training the most common ones are between 12 oz and 16 oz.

A typical question in this aspect is “¿Are 16 oz boxing gloves bigger than 10/12/14 oz gloves?”. The answer is not always yes. The ounce (oz) is a unit to measure the weight, not the size. Is normal to get confused in this aspect but heavier doesn’t have to mean bigger. If you compare a 16 oz boxing glove with a 12 oz from the same brand and model, then the 16 oz will be bigger. But, for example, Mexican style boxing gloves are more compact as they offer a tighter padding so 16 oz gloves may look like 12 oz gloves.

So, how many ounces should have your boxing gloves? In the following table you can find the differences and recommendations to help you to find out the best boxing gloves for you.

Gloves’ Weight Recommendations

Your Weight
Gloves Recommendation
< 100 lbs
< 45 kg
8 - 12 oz
100-150 lbs
45 - 68 kg
12 -14 oz
151- 175 lbs
68 - 79 kg
14 - 16 oz
>175 lbs
> 80 kg
16 - 18 oz

If you have doubts between two weights, take the heavier ones. As we mentioned before, heavier gloves will strengthen more your shoulders and your hands speed will increase.

Best Boxing Gloves: Best Brands

There are hundreds of brands that manufacture boxing equipment and each one have different boxing gloves models with multiple designs and characteristics.

Going for cheap/unknown brands is not a good idea as you probably will have to replace the gloves soon and end up spending more money. Or, what is more important, you may break your hands using gloves that don’t offer enough protection.

Let’s take a quick look to 5 of the best boxing gloves brands:


Winning is a Japanese brand that handcrafts arguably the best boxing gloves on Earth. They have been founded in 1937. The quality of their products is outstanding.

Cleto Reyes

Cleto Reyes is a well-known Mexican brand which provides the classic Mexican Style Boxing Gloves. This gloves usually are the choice for heavy hitters. Cleto Reyes was registered in 1975 but its history starts at the end of the 30s.


Rival is a quite new brand, was founded in Canada in 2003, but its high quality has been proven. Extreme quality.


Fairtex is one of the best brands from Thailand. They have been around since 1971. They are specialized in Muay Thai and the quality of the boxing gloves is pretty high. Good price and high quality, definitely recommended.

Twins Special

Twins is a high quality brand from Thailand founded in 1992. They have all kind of Boxing and Muay Thai equipment. They offer top quality with a moderate price, recommended.

Best Boxing Brands Comparison

Cleto Reyes

Now that you know what type of boxing gloves you should get and the weight, let’s take a look into our TOP 10!

TOP 10: Best Boxing Gloves for Sparring and Training

In the following table you can find our TOP 10 of the Best Boxing Gloves for Sparring and Training.

If you are using a smartphone, you can slide your finger across the table to see all the options

BrandHayabusaRivalCleto ReyesTwins SpecialVenumFairtexWinningTitleTop KingRingside
ColorsMultipleMultipleMultipleMultipleMultipleMultipleMultipleBlack, Pink, RedMultipleMultiple
Price Range$95-$99$135-$145$145-195$65-$109$69-$129$65-$135$375-$399$110-$120$80-$95$55-95
More Details

Sparring gloves usually have a wide range of colors and different designs available, making them more attractive.

TOP 5: Best Heavy Bag Gloves

BrandFairtexEverlastTitleCleto ReyesRingside
Price Range$50-$55$20-$25$20-$25$68-$86$14-$20
View on Amazon

As we mentioned earlier, you can use the sparring gloves for full training, which includes heavy bag workouts. The previous table shows the TOP 5 pure heavy bag gloves

TOP 5: Best Competition Gloves

BrandWinningCleto ReyesHayabusaFairtexRingside
ColorsMultipleMultipleBlack or WhiteMultipleMultiple
Price Range$320-$500$145-$195$99.99$120-$170$64-$69
More Details

If you want to know more about the best martial arts gloves, check our Best MMA Gloves article!

¿Which one is your favorite brand? ¿Do have special heavy bag gloves or you use sparring gloves to hit the bag? ¿Do you miss one pair of gloves on our best boxing gloves ranking? We want to hear your comments!
If you have any question feel free to ask us and we will reply ASAP !!

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